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Free ground shipping on all orders $250+ to continental USA
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2022 Harvest Agourolado High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pappas Market

2022 Harvest Agourolado High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Pre-order your 2022 harvest of Agourolado, high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil from Crete. Due to the cost and complexity of producing this product, we must take pre-orders; therefore, we recommend that you pre-order your stock for the entire year as only a specific number of bottles will be produced, based on our pre-orders.

Why is this? Since Agourolado is made from unripe olives, it takes four times more than regular, ripe olives to produce a single bottle. We have made an agreement with our farmer to purchase a certain quantity, as he usually waits for his olives to ripen to sell regular olive oil, which ultimately yields substantially more product than the early harvest type. As a result, we must give him an exact quantity that we will require for our orders.

Pre-order period

Now through November 6, 2022
*Orders close at midnight EST on November 6, 2022

Harvest period: October 15- October 31, 2022

Production, bottling & packaging: October 31-November 10, 2022

Shipping to USA, customs clearance: November 15, 2022

Shipping to customers begins on/around November 25, 2022

*PLEASE NOTE: Shipping available to US addresses ONLY


About Agourolado

My very own single-source, high phenolic early harvest extra virgin olive oil from Crete, Greece. This unique olive oil will be produced from unripe olives of the "Tsounati" variety that will be harvested during fall 2022 from the farm of Giorgos Poulakas in Varipetro, outside Chania. 

Tsounati (or "tsounates" in the plural) are a rare cultivar, or variety of olives found exclusively in Western Crete. Most tsounati trees grow and thrive in higher altitudes. Oil from these trees is scarce and costly to produce, given the fact that these trees only bear fruit every other year.

Agourolado is certified high-phenolic by Food Allergens Laboratory in Rethymnon, Crete. A full report is available upon request.

Size: 750ml / 25.36 fl oz

Packaging: Made in Italy, 100% recyclable, single die-cut stainless steel bottle, made from the same stainless steel that olive oil vats are made from. Stainless steel has been proven to be the very best material to protect the product’s organoleptic properties and prevent negative effects from light and oxidation that glass and other materials can cause.

Read more about high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil here.