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Free ground shipping on all orders $250+ to continental USA
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Amalia Glass Christmas Ornament
Amalia Glass Christmas Ornament
Pappas Market

Amalia Glass Christmas Ornament

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These Amalia ornaments were designed by Gregory Pappas and created by the leading ornament craftsmen in Poland, the Christmas ornament capital of the world. They are exclusive to The Pappas Market.

Our ornaments are meticulously hand-blown and hand-painted by artisans with generations of glassblowing and painting skills.

Ornaments are 100% handmade, hand-blown and hand-painted and each one is unique. Made in Poland. The Amalia is approximately 5 inches in height.

*Please read our ordering process for Christmas ornaments CAREFULLY before placing your order!

All ornaments made of fine glass in a workshop in Poland. Each one is mouth-blown and hand painted in a traditional way that has been passed down to the artisans from generation to generation. They are time consuming to create and we only create a limited quantity every year.

Christmas ornament schedule 2022

Production: June 30-September 30, 2022
Shipping and Import: November 1-15, 2022
Shipping to customers: November 15-30, 2022

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